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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Personal Development Coach

People who have personal development training from trained professionals are more successful compared to untrained people claiming to guide individuals to a better life. A personal development coach is a professional who helps progression, goal commitment, and increased mastery over environment in people.

If your life coach is genuine, then they can pick up a life in shambles and create a life you desire. A personal development coach closes the gap between the person you are at the moment and who you want to become.

Questions to ask a development coach before you appoint yourself one should help you identify the person you need to give you the push you need in life.

Let’s take a look at a few of such questions:

1. What are your credentials?

The most crucial question you need to ask your potential personal development coach is about their qualifications and their coaching credentials. You need to take their education and their claim of training seriously and do your own research before assigning them a role that, if successful, will have a drastic effect on your life.

You don’t need a trained but inexperienced professional. Be clear when you ask them about their experience. People might tell you they have worked fifteen years but if they only worked with fifty clients in those years, then you don’t need to continue with them.

2. What’s your coaching methodology?

Another one of the questions to ask a coach is about their coaching methodology. Listen carefully when they tell you about the coaching methods. Look for the best one for yourself – if there is any – and stick with that. Although that is not your responsibility and as your coach, they need to know what sort of method they will be using on you. You also need to stay in the loop and know what works best for you.

Ask your coach how they decided to work with the training methodology that they have chosen for you. Try to find out whether it is robust and has been sorted out especially for you, or is the coach using a one-shoe-fits-all methodology which he settles for with no thought behind it.

Also ask your coach how they have planned to cater to your personal and specific requirements and what philosophies they will be applying in order to honor your individual needs. Find out about their ethical beliefs and principles and whether they work with yours or not.

3. Do you have a background in human behavior?

If your coach has a background in human behavior, for example, psychology, neurosciences, or social work, then they will be able to easily understand and figure out the underlying issues in your beliefs, perspectives, and attitude. These issues may be holding you back and limiting your vision.

If you are struggling with mental issues such as anxiety and depression, your coach can help you recover in order to lead a better life.

4. Are we comfortable with one another?

One the most important personal development questions to ask before getting a coach is to know if you are comfortable around that individual and they are just as comfortable with you. You will be sharing intimate details of your life with your coach and if you have even the slightest bit of unease around them, there is a chance you might not fully open up to them. This could become an obstacle in your growth.

5. Do you stay updated with the latest world trends?

You would expect your coach to stay updated on all the new trends of the world and understanding how the world keeps changing. Your question to your coach would not be pointless if you asked them how they keep their practice current.

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