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Meet Cordero

Growing up in a small, segregated Mississippi town, Cordero Davis has always been poised to seek out a more inclusive world. Since his early teens, Cordero has been motivated and empowered to help others reach their highest potential.

Through his international consulting work, he has impacted over 100,000 employees and students globally and, in the US alone, has assisted top Silicon Valley tech companies like Airbnb, Facebook, and to rapidly scale their workforces while creating inclusive & safe workspaces for all.

After his in-house experiences, Cordero created his own black enterprise by launching the consulting firm Cordero Davis International & Diversity Studios.

Diversity Studios focuses on assisting Black and Brown individuals with navigating their careers in corporate America while also advising global brands with building the infrastructure to discover, design, and deploy impactuful inclusive strategies worldwide.


With years of experience and dedication to education, organizational leadership, inclusion impact, and global strategies, Cordero continues to impact the world to be a more diverse and connected place.

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Global Impact








Offices across all 7 Continents

Global Impact

How it started for Cordero Davis

How it all started

Workplace racism, discrimination, and bias can start at any time in an employees career. For me, the journey started at age 16 when I was called a "good slave" by an older white woman at my first job.


 This moment pushed me to become a global speaker and international coach that focuses on infusing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the infrastructure of every organization, everywhere I go.

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